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Senior year

2011-09-19 23:29:21 by Pheonixxx

I can just blow it off...right?

High School Wrestling.

2010-11-26 01:24:17 by Pheonixxx

Just as gay as you think. But it's a lot of controlled violence, as well. Which is why I do it.

1st day of school.

2010-08-16 06:56:14 by Pheonixxx

Well, it's that time of year again. And I'm actually excited.

Fake people.

2010-08-06 01:50:20 by Pheonixxx

Don't you just love it when you have someone talking shit behind your back like a coward? Then you confront them about it, and they deny it? Oh wait, my favorite part is where their story keeps changing! Then you catch them. How nice.

New Nephew!!!

2010-07-13 08:17:02 by Pheonixxx

So my nephew was born on July 4th this year. And I am so happy to be spending so much time with him. I love my nephew. :'D


2010-06-18 04:49:27 by Pheonixxx

What? Did you come here to read some kind of story or something?!

Confrontation with a girl

2010-06-08 03:25:43 by Pheonixxx

So, I've been dating this girl. And she says she wants me to marry her. What should I do.

Mother's day?

2010-05-07 07:15:25 by Pheonixxx

Fuck Moms.

Anything more painful?

2010-03-20 19:58:23 by Pheonixxx

So tell me...
Is there anything more painful than seeing those you love...die...
Muhahahahahaahahahaha ha ha ha haaaaa!

Communist Roll'd?

2010-03-07 22:17:29 by Pheonixxx

Fuck yes.